New Employment Law Service

New Employment Law Service

New Employment Law Service Launched In Merseyside.

Merseyside Employment Law is proud to announce the launch of ADVOCO, a new and unique Social Enterprise that assists employers to understand their legal responsibilities and be compliant. 

ADVOCO is also pleased to launch its new website which is hoped to be an interactive portal assisting clients in all areas of Employment Law.

In a response to the current economic climate, ADVOCO is meeting the needs of small business owners with the launch of its new business support packages which have been designed to help employers to respond to changing regulation in what can often be a difficult and expensive process.

ADVOCO is a small team of specialist employment lawyers offering the best quality employment law support. 

By operating as a Social Enterprise, they do not exist to make a profit for shareholders and therefore clients are assured that they will be receiving a quality service at an affordable price. Any surplus that is made will be reinvested back into the community, raising awareness of social value and measuring the social impact created. Indeed, as an employer themselves, ADVOCO have committed to champion the virtues of sustainable and responsible business practise whilst helping clients to benefit from a similar approach.

Steve Clarke, Business Development Manager for ADVOCO says, ‘Disputes between employees and employers are often  expensive and avoidable, ADVOCO has been created in such a way that our team of experts are focussed on assisting employers  to  create mutually beneficial, profitable and cohesive workplaces with their employees’.

ADVOCO has been the brainchild of the board of Merseyside Employment Law (MEL), MEL is a registered charity community law centre based in Liverpool city centre and has been providing specialist advice and employment tribunal representation to individuals for many years. 

James Nolan of MEL says, ‘Merseyside Employment Law has dealt with many cases over the years that could have been prevented. By continually tackling issues surrounding poverty, discrimination and disadvantage, our strong social mission will underpin ADVOCO’s service for employers. Put together, you have a unique offer for both employers and employees alike’.

The ADVOCO business support package offers bespoke advice and support in Employment Law tailored to the client’s needs at great value pricing. Services will include: Company audit and report; Monthly advice, guidance and assistance; Preventative legal support; Discounted rates for documentation, contracts, policies and procedures; Employment Law & HR helpline; Regular legal updates and alerts; Seminars and workshops and much more. 

The service can also be accessed on an ad-hoc, pay as you go basis. So if you would like to find out how ADVOCO can help you, contact Steve Clarke today on 0151 708 1162 or 07436273405. You can also send an email to